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  • Multiple Templates
  • Backend Customizer
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“Listings for Appfolio” is a light-weight property listing plugin that allows you to list your properties on your WordPress site from your Appfolio account using a shortcode.

The old iframe method of displaying appfolio listings does not allow site owners to customize the styling of the listings. This plugin will give you freedom to make any changes to the listings page.
All your appfolio listings will be shown in an interactive way which you can customize using CSS easily. Listings page have an optional google map as well. You will also get all the filters from your appfolio listings page.

Notice: This plugin depends on “allow_url_fopen” to get the content from appfolio listings page. Please add “allow_url_fopen = 1” in your php.ini file or contact your hosting to enable it for you.

Enter your appfolio account page URL in the plugin settings that looks like this –
Optionally, enter google map JS API key in the plugin settings to enable the google map showing your listings.

If you have any feedback or new feature request, please let us know by filling the contact form in the footer of the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • New Feature – New option to set large image instead of medium sized images.
  • New Feature – New options to show/hide buttons on details page.
  • New Feature – Option for custom link on contact us button under details tab settings.
  • New Feature – Option to change default sort order.
  • New Feature – Option to use custom link for Apply buttons.
  • Option to add a Page heading.
  • Option to add custom CSS.
  • Sort by Availability.
  • Search by Address.
  • Easy plugin setup for appfolio listings.
  • iframe alternative method which allows you to do any customization on the layout and styling.
  • SEO improvement.
  • No need to manually add listing items.
  • No need to manually sync listings with Appfolio account.
  • Filters to search for specific properties listings.
  • Sort by filter for sorting the listings.
  • Google Map showing the listings that updates with the filtered results.
  • Interactive multiple columns design for listings.
  • Single property listing opens in the same page.
  • Easy to use shortcode.
  • Interactive gallery to list the property images.
  • Schedule a Showing button added.
  • Customization options in WordPress backend.
  • Multiple Templates – Hawk and Eagle Templates design.
  • Support for multiple Appfolio accounts to load listings from either on single page or multiple pages.
  • Support for loading listings from different groups. E.g Commercial | Residential or custom groups
  • Separate Search Form shortcode to display only search form
  • Slider and Carousel.
  • Video support in the Gallery.
  • Display Residential, Commercial or all listings on different pages.
  • Hide/Show filters, buttons, Price, Availability, Title, Address.
  • Replaceable icons for bedroom and bathroom labels.
  • Up to 5 columns design options.
  • Gallery popup/lightbox showing full size images.
  • Options to toggle different search filters.