If you want to display property listings from a group then you need to create a group in your Appfolio account or use an existing group.

Follow these steps to create a group and adding properties to that group:

1. In the top search bar, type group and then click “Property Groups” under the Pages as shown in the screenshot below.


2. Now click “New Property Group” from the right sidebar to create a new group. See screenshot below.


3. Enter the group name as you want and then select the properties that you want to add to this group and click Save button as shown in the screenshot below.


4. Now, from the left menu, click Vacancies under Leasing menu item. On this vacancies page, click “Post” button next to the Website for each listings under that group. See the screenshot below.


5. Now the listings/vacancies from that group are ready to be shown on your website. Use the below shortcode in the page/post on your WordPress website:

[apfl_listings type=”888 State St”]

Replace “888 State St” with your group name and the listings from that property group should display on your website.